Policies & Guidelines


These policies are made so that there a clear understanding, how we do it here and why do we do it this way. With a clear understanding, that NSF Radio Stations Inc.'s main goal is to help and enrich its communities, its people, and everyone who works with us.

Sec. I Part I

NSF Radio Stations Inc. is an LLC company that is a subsidiary of The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation Inc., which is a nonprofit foundation. 25% of all income that comes into the NSF Radio Stations Inc. will go to help our nonprofit parent company, The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation Inc. For more information on income please see (sec. III Cashflow.)

Sec. I Part II

NSF Radio Stations Inc.'s Products and goods are sold for the sole propers of paying employees and any works of NSF Radio Stations Inc. It is this company's policy, to create goods that will increase all or any revenue that should be coming in. Any sales made by the host or others must be verified by the company, with a money trace and if any funds that may come in. That is not valid will be returned back by the next pay-out period cycle. Yes, we do funds to keep our company up and running. But, we value more who we are dealing with within our company. We do not take any funds that will hurt or damage our name or our image in the field and in our communities.

Sec. II Part I

NSF Radio Stations Inc. and its Host or Talent, are solely responsible for sales promoting their show or shows. It is not NSF Radio Stations Inc. responsible to push your sales on your show. If any sales are made for your show. The sales will go to the (REP.) not the host. The host will be compensated 35% for any Ad placement for their show(s). If a Host or Talent does complete a sale, then they will be compensated 40%, plus a $50.00 sales commission. All sales must be turned in by the 26th of every month. To get credit for the sale, if contracts are not turned in on time you will be credited on the following month. Which will bring a delay in closing any sales or promotions.

Sec. II Part II

NSF Radio Stations Inc. policy for all sales (REP.) goes by the following guidelines. All sales must be turned in by end of the week for sales teams. On Sunday and by 12 midnight EST. If you are working with a host to close a contract. Your timeline will go to the 26th of the month. All contracts must be filled out correctly and any artwork must be turned into the art department, by the end of the following week. All forms must be backed up on a flash drive and in PDF form, or Word format. All pictures, artwork must be put into a JPG, PNG format. All sound files must be in an MP3, MP4, or WAV format. Any information given from the client must be treated with respect and not damaged! If so, and you can not recover the information, you will be fine. For the cost and the promotion fees. All Reps must follow the CDC and health Guideline when you are out in the field and dealing with clients. Please, read our COVID-19 policy by clicking on this link here: COVID-19

Sec. II Part III

NSF Radio Stations Inc. understands that there may be some hard times coming or going on now. An see that you may want to sell Ad space or push products that we sell. But, if you do not go through the correct department, you will lose any you may make and will be given to the Rep. on any contracts. Also if you are not in the sales & marketing department or a host you are not allowed to sell Ad space or products. If you are wanting to transfer to another department. Please see (Sec. IIII Departments).

Sec. III Part I

NSF Radio Stations Inc. is an income-based company, with constant sales growth of income. So, we understand that payments are due at the end of your companies billing cycle. This company makes all its payouts by the 16th or 26th of every month. All payments are given out once, all accounts are cleared with our sales base.

Sec. III Part II

As we are growing every day in our fields, we make it a policy to clear debts by the end of the month, no later. During the shortest months of the year, we close debts by the end of the following next week.

Sec. III Part III

NSF Radio Stations Inc. does its payroll payments on the 6th of every month. An office payroll is done on 16th and the 25th. When we started this company and we're looking for a way to build up our teams with the best workers out there. We needed to have great pay and strong benefits for our employees. Sub. (a1) Cashflow income that may come into NSF Radio Inc. is divided into three parts, 1. Employees & Overhead 2. The National Saving Fatherhood Foundation Inc. which is 25% of the total income from the radio station 3. Outside Accounts that are payable.

Sec. IIII Part I

All departments will have a department head that will help you with your day-to-day jobs, as well as training and assets needed to help you, do your job correctly and with a great understanding of what you mean to this company as a whole. So we've come up with a policy called the BackCheck management program. This is a policy where, if you feel anything is not going correctly in your department and it may be a manager or anybody. What you do call HR or the CEO, to help you talk or take more action. This will take the 3-week process for questions and clearing anybody involved.

Sec. IIII Part II

NSF Radio Stations Inc. management and its DOB's are all people, who want to help and grow a name that helps the underdog in life get ahead. So, if any employee that would like to moonlight in sales as well must undergo sales training for two weeks, and have two contracts signed and ready to go. To show that they can do the job, plus they must have at least one year in their current department before, any transfers can be made. Even temp. ones!

These are some of our policies and guideline, that has and must be followed in order to keep our company going forward. If you have any other questions please call the protocol department at 1.800.903.2096 ext.1